About US

The Media Research Lab at Iowa State University conducts research on media’s effects on children and adults. The lab includes a vibrant community of graduate and undergraduate students. New students are welcome to participate.

Current projects include:

  • The effects of a large-scale anti-obesity intervention on reducing children’s total screen time, increasing fruit/vegetable consumption, and increasing physical activity
  • Longitudinal studies of media violence and aggressive behaviors among children
  • Pathological computer and video game use (colloquially called video game “addiction”)
  • Experimental studies of the effects of violent video games on physiological arousal and aggressive behaviors
  • The relation between video game play and aggression toward women
  • Differences in the effects of video games when played on computers or in a 3D fully-immersive virtual reality environment
  • The effects of beer advertisements on youth drinking
  • The effects of violent TV, movies, and video games on children’s peer relations, aggressive and prosocial behavior
  • The effects of educational TV and videos on children’s prosocial behavior
  • Cross-cultural collaborative research with researchers in Italy and Singapore

Students interested in participating in ongoing research are encouraged to emailĀ dgentile@iastate.edu